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  Sariel Petroleum is a Houston Texas based company applying the fundamental principles of state-of-the-art petroleum and natural gas exploration and extraction technology. Currently we are focusing on the Texas Eagle Ford Shale area with interest in the Oklahoma, Louisiana and North Dakota region. Petroleum crude energy offers great investment opportunities through direct participation programs and working interest which allows for the investor to participate in potential cash flow, unique tax benefits associated with oil and gas and the ability to diversify and reinforce investment portfolios with a commodity which has an increasing demand.

Serials crude oil and natural gas exploration activities are focused on profit generating production in existing pertinent areas and developing potential new known areas of production. Serials hydrocarbon and natural gas production provides a product and service for the world global markets. However, we are focusing our efforts in the Eagle Ford shale area as we continue to trade on the global market.

Our primary goal is to increase the value of acquired properties and leases through a combination of drilling, exploration and advanced technological practices with a significance in recovery of secondary and tertiary production and operations.