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Eagle Ford Shale

  T he Eagle Ford Shale (EFS) is possibly the largest single economic development in the history of the state of Texas and ranks as the largest oil & gas development in the world based on capital invested. Almost $30 billion will be spent developing the play in 2013. The play had more than a $60 billion dollar impact on the local South Texas economy in 2012 and over 116,000 Eagle Ford jobs were supported in the 20 county area impacted by the play. Add the jobs created in surrounding counties and the picture of a modern oil boom begins to take shape.

  From record drilling levels to wells producing over 4,000 b/d of oil initially, the play is redefining South Texas as an oil industry hotbed. If you own a business in South Texas, begin thinking about how the Eagle Ford is changing the economic landscape and your future. Oil & gas production is bringing new found wealth to the region.


Sariel Petroleum, LLC. Is currently obtaining  approximately 2,400 net acres in the Eagle Ford Shale. Serial Petroleum, has plans that commence with the drilling of three wells. Sariel looks foreword to not only the production of crude oil but also with production of wet gas which is prevalent at the least site.

Furthermore, Serial is obtaining a 400 net acre of crude oil producing lease in the Eagle Ford shale. With an additional 700 net acres of crude oil producing leases.